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Languages & Frameworks

My experience with several different programming languages, frameworks, and libraries. Skill in any may vary from project to project.

Better, secure programming

I always try to be at the cutting edge of technology while maintaining excellent security on all my systems. I use FOSS software for quality and efficiency, to develop systems.

Security first
I use a secure encrypted Linux computer and key-based authentication for maximum security.
Good Licensing
Almost all of my personal work is licensed under GPLv3 or a license that gives freedom to the user
Built to be changed
I try to make my apps and systems as modular and extensible as possible, as well as polyvalent and infrastructure-agnostic

Fast, powerful websites

My websites and web applications are fast, responsive, well-designed and great with SEO. I am able to leverage the very latest in web technologies such as WASM, PWAs, JS Frameworks and more to create a great website.

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Astro Pi 2016-17

Winner of the 2016-2017 international Astro Pi challenge organized by the European Space Agency.The code written for this challenge was executed aboard the International Space Station.

Contest Results

GAREF Aerospace Member

Member of the GAREF Aerospace Agency for 2 years, official CNES partners and creators of the Horus / SERA missions.

GAREF Aerospace is a scientific club specifically intended for students to learn about the aerospace industry in the hands of field professionals.


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